4 Features of Smartphones Dream by Users

by:ZheRunTai     2020-08-26
iPhone 5 has recently launched and became the most hot gadget of the year. Its unique smart features including Retina display, quality camera, and smart and sleek looks. Besides this, many other kinds of smartphones are also available in the market but you will be amazed to know that the gadget's lovers have the thirst for more high-tech gadgets to be introduced in the market. According to them, the cell phones they are using have some high-tech features but they want those features to facilitate them in a better and advance way. The features, which are most required in the upcoming smartphones are as follows: 1. Multiple Usages These days, you must have come across the cell phones, which support dual SIM feature. People love to buy such gadgets, which are capable of supporting multiple SIM, as they can use this feature to keep their personal and professional contacts separate using one cell phone. Moreover, they use it not for only interacting to the personal and professional contacts but also download different kinds of apps to support their business activities. Now cell phone users are looking for some more advance technology based on which they want to use one SIM for receiving personal and professional contacts separately. Isn't amazing that you will be able to receive the calls with different ringtones and background settings with which you can easily recognize for what type of call you are going to receive. 2. High-Tech Protective Accessories Cell phone users are looking for more technologically advanced protective accessories. These days, you must have observed the retailers selling 3D phone cases and covers. However, the technology more advance than 3D is still awaited. 3. Better Power Management Better power management is always remained the concern of Smartphone users, especially who preferred to use Android handsets like HTC. Irrespective of the fact that power management has given a lot of importance by the manufacturers still use of distinct apps drain the battery of the phone, which is quite annoying. Smartphone lovers are still waiting for the Smartphone, which is capable of managing battery power separately for apps and other features of the cell phone. 4. Offline Capabilities Using apps in an offline mode is the dream of Smartphone users, which yet has to come true. Few learning apps are available these days, which can work in an offline mode and keep on updating, however, the same functionality is required in other types of apps as well.
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