Analysis of all kinds of iphone 5 mobile phone sets of strengths and weaknesses, to teach you how to choose the iphone mobile phone sets

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-17
Analysis of all kinds of iphone 5 mobile phone sets of strengths and weaknesses, to teach you how to choose the iphone mobile phone sets. With the development of high-end smartphones and prosperity, cell phone maintenance of all kinds of essentials of smart phones. What can put your phone into a panda, penguins, peacock, mountain male? Yes, you are very cute phone maintenance. Cell phone sets can maintain your cell phone when accidental drop, prevent broken, also has to prevent hard objects in the phone's screen or leave scratches on the fuselage and many other functions. This paper will introduce readers to useful mobile phone brand, let you understand good mobile phone sets of what and how to choose the high quality mobile phone sets of the iphone 5. ( A) , iphone mobile phone sets of what brand is good? Nowadays, mobile phones now not just, but a sign of personal identity to taste. Because of this, the increasing of mobile phone users start the pursuit to designed due to its characteristics and very good explanation to its modern personality taste cell phone merchandise, for example, various forms of mobile phone sets. And mobile power supply market, mobile phone sets of malls are good and evil people mixed up, many of the goods it is modeled after copying each other, hold numerous high imitation, foundation is far from design and quality, also can't make use of cell phones because cell phone sets and unusual. So, domestic mobile phone sets of brand which is really good? The author thinks that, to taste, characteristics, modern art full contact mobile phones set of brand is excellent set of brand, domestic current main mobile phone sets of brand BASEUS times thought, CAPDASE cardan, MOMAX mo m, x - Doria, dorian, ROCK Locke, IMAK Amy g Benks bunker, KETAILI zhe run too, such as brand. ( 2) , buying guide 1 iphone cell phone sets, the advantages and disadvantages of organic silicone phone case. Organic silicone with high temperature resistant properties, corrosion resistance, Not afraid of ultraviolet ozone or differentiation) , good electrical insulation, physiological inert ( Did not attack change) with the animal And so on merits. Although the silicone set of strengths, and also compared to low price. Phone5 following from using exquisite mold strike while the iron is hot, so the interior of the silica gel and no redundant burrs, softness is also very high, can let you torture, feel is very good, also have prevent slippery effect. But the silicone set is not complete, silica gel because of his permeability is usually, long-term wearing will influence the heat dissipation of the phone. And, silica gel sets itself has a slight viscous, use after a period of time will set a few dust adsorption on a mobile phone, often need to scrub. < p> < / p> < / p> < p> < / p> < p> < / p> < p> 2, mobile phone sets of the advantages and disadvantages of aristocratic holster. Silica gel set about young people may not what, but about some busy business people in the workplace, mobile phone over a white silica gel set is one's. So the cell phone holster also arises at the historic moment. Has the advantage of the gentleman, generous use of cell phone holster, don't wear mobile phones, good heat dissipation, but do not have other functions of silica gel sets, such as waterproof, etc. , and mobile phone holster contrast is large, is not convenient to put in the pocket. < / p> < / p> 3, the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone sets of crystal shell. Many girls love with crystal shell, originally is the organic glass shell. The enclosure in contrast thick, glittering and translucent get rid of. Cell phones, wrapped in inside can maintain the effect, and appearance will not look too big. The disadvantages of crystal shell is easy to cause the mobile wear. Crystal shell is hard, the mobile phone is hard. Mobile phones in the crystal shell, conflict, and crystal shell directly attack the most serious is the four corners of the phone, users usually use crystal shell, mobile phone the four corners of the wear the most serious. < / p>
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