Analysis of liquid silicone injection molding process should pay attention to what?

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-17
< p> liquid silicone injection molding process should pay attention to what? Zhe run too small make up for sharing: < / p> < / p> report about silicone molding, its important content includes the introduction of the characteristics of material, molding process and so on. Features: a, liquid silicone liquid silica gel is a kind of non-toxic, heat resistant, high resilience flexible thermosetting material, its rheological behavior mainly characterized by low viscosity, fast curing, high shear thinned and thermal expansion coefficient. Its products are characterized by good heat stability, cold resistance, good electrical insulating properties, combustion will not produce toxic substances such as; So in health supplies, automotive, silica gel bottles, medical supplies, diving supplies, silicone kitchenware and silica gel pad become irreplaceable in the design of the production of materials. Molding process: two-component liquid liquid silicone material, divided into part A and part B, part A and mixing machine work will B with precise 1:1 mix proportion. And for some products designed for non-ferrous, so with color pumps and metering section. A + B components, additives, such as color mix after entering the plasticizing system. The plasticizing screws have the function of homogenization, mixed at the same time, through the screw injecting the mixture into hot mold, the mold temperature 170 ~ 200 ℃, the silica gel curing reaction. When using the cold runner system, it is worth noting that the port should be enough cold. In order to avoid missing glue, needle valve installed on the surface of mould parts, shoot at the glue, needle valve closed nozzle immediately. Three, feeding system can choose the following forms: 1, two-way pump: can move up and down feed, can very good pressure maintenance, due to the connected between A and B pump, hydraulic pneumatic control and synchronization by, so this form of feeding system is reliable and accurate. 2, one-way pump is a kind of universal, only a single feed. 3, synchronous single pump with check valve, meter measuring cylinder system is mainly used with single pump phase. Four key components, liquid silicone rubber injection machine: due to low viscosity liquid silicone, want to consider in the process of machining the reverse flow of materials and leak adhesive, so the screw seal is a must; Liquid silicone high expansion coefficient, heat expansion happens, cool but have small shrinkage, so the parts can't maintain accurate side from in the mould. So can use cold runner processing, liquid silicone should maintain a low temperature and liquidity, cold runner system adopts closed type, in the injection cycle, a closed system is used in each port 'seal glue needle' or 'needle valve' to control the accurate measurement of LSR materials. Due to thermal expansion properties of silicone rubber has significant, shrinkage rate of 2-4% ( Curing temperature is 150 ℃) And silicone rubber has the characteristics of compression deformation. Five, the mould design should pay attention to the following aspects: 1, in order to avoid the turbulence and injection, using usu. in two lines gate. 2, using a needle or wing injection gate. 3, T guide pin instead of cylindrical guide pin, is used when stripping injection gun, adding insulating layer/plate. 4, don't use an inhibitor of anti-rust agent/oil, generally available toluene, xylene, etc. Liquid silicone, divided into A glue with B glue, using quantitative device to control which is the ratio of 1:1, again through the static mixer to mix, injection injection tube material injection molding of the reentry after production; The liquid silicone hot runner injection mold, production of silicone products, can achieve a lot of time, there is no waste and automation, etc. More about liquid silicone injection molding process should pay attention to the question of what is to share here, hope the above is describing the knowledge can help you. This article is provided by zhe run too home technology and reprint please indicate the source, thank you!
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