Apple Introduces Smart Covers for iPad Mini

by:ZheRunTai     2020-08-21
While Apple works with the gadgets and is getting popular with the name building in the tablets and phones, it is also working up its position in the area of accessories for its gadgets. The iPad covers for example are something that you should look for if you want to protect the iPad mini. The company recently launched the smart covers for the iPad mini and other previous versions of the iPad. You can have all such covers in a bunch of different colors. They are made with rubber; cover the gadget from top to bottom and from front as well. However, you need screen protectors for the iPad screen. The cover will have to be removed from the front while using the iPad and that is how the screen will be scratched. The best thing you can do is to buy a screen protector and a thin silicone cover for the iPad. It is transparent and no one will know you are covering the iPad with any cover. Then you can place it inside the Apple's smart cover and the color that you choose will intrigue others. The covers are available in 39$. They can only be shipped to areas inside US. If you have someone living there or any deliverer that you know can deliver such covers worldwide, you can contact them. The cover makes up itself into a stand that can hold the iPad as well form its side. Apart from such covers, plenty of other protective covers and cases are there that you can buy online and do not have to fear for the shipping or the charges for shipping. Sites like Amazon and E-bay deliver accessories all around the world. There are plenty of private shippers as well. Some other cases and covers that they deliver are as follows: 1) QDOC Libris Leather Cases: Such cases come in with internal cover pockets for you to keep contact cards, money and other stuff too. The case has a front flip that covers the whole iPad. It covers the back as well unlike the Apple's smart cover. 2) Tucano Folio Case ALA: Such cases are two-way flips with buttons. They can also turn into bigger stands than the iPad Apple smart cover can. In addition, the iPad can be placed on a table tilted like a TV in front of you. Get them in different colors for yourself and your loved ones.
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