BlackBerry vs iPhones in-Depth Cell Phone Review

by:ZheRunTai     2020-08-18
Both phones have similarities and differences; the similarities being in the battery life and design. Ease of use got equal votes and largely relied on what people preferred. Some found the larger screen of the iPhone better and did not mind sacrificing the physical keyboard for the touch screen keyboard. While others loved the BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard on the Blackberry phones, because they claim it made typing simple and that it was a fair sacrifice for a smaller screen. As far as user friendly applications are concerned, the iPhone clearly leads the front. There are thousands of applications available and though there are a couple of hundred applications which are pretty lousy, overall the iPhone applications are far better than those of the Blackberry. Users tend to drop their phones accidentally and butter fingers like myself do that frequently. Designed for the road warriors, the Blackberry is by far more durable than the iPhone. The motion sensibility and the touchscreen of the iPhone remain unparallel. But the touchscreen has made the iPhone quite sensitive and as long as you do not drop it face down, it usually survives the fall. The iPhone however has come out with several protective cases that will more than protect your iPhone from any serious damage. The advantage of the iPhone's touchscreen and motion sensibility becomes evident with gaming. Comparing the iPhone and Blackberry in terms of gaming is like comparing a bicycle with a supersonic jet. Playing games on the iPhone is the best you can find in a cell phone and this is just one reason for the iPhones popularity. A variety of games can be played on it and the graphics are simply amazing. Blackberry lags far behind in this department. When it comes to security, the fact that the most powerful man on the Earth uses a Blackberry Phone speaks volumes of its security features; the iPhone is way behind in this area, but by no means is considered to be unsecure. The CPU of an iPhone is faster and the memory capacity greater but the lack of voice Command and Copy Paste features lets it down a little compared to other phones. The performance of both devices is outstanding where internet and Wi-Fi are concerned. Both devices browse the web well and access popular social networks with lightning speed. However in business applications the Blackberry is the clear winner due to its ability to link with Microsoft Exchange. Though the new iPhones are offering an MS Exchange Link, it will take Apple sometime to come up to the level of the Blackberry. Another area where it beats the iPhone is the ease of push e-mail. Roaming charges of the Blackberry are low compared to the iPhone and that's why it is preferred by the frequent travelers who like to keep in touch with their business associates or family when they are on the move. Any changes made in the calendar or contact list in the PC in Exchange automatically appears on the Blackberry thus eliminating the need to do so manually. Conclusion The iPhone is faster than the Blackberry and comes with more storage space. It is the best choice for those who want a strong entertainment environment as the gaming options and the multimedia features are far superior to Blackberry. On the connectivity, security and business applications front, it bows down to the Blackberry. The Blackberry is hopeless at gaming and needs a lot of help when it comes to applications. However it makes up with its linking ability with the Microsoft Exchange server. Blackberry is a strong reliable business oriented device; while the iPhone is a hip, attractive device with a wide range of apps. Please see our Author's box below for incredible Blackberry and iPhone Cell Phone offers, and other exciting news of what you need to know before purchasing a cell Phone.
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