Bluetooth Earbud Headphones

by:ZheRunTai     2020-05-27
As human technology takes on a new face lift, a lot of things seem to be getting smaller, hip, chic and wireless. From telephones and microphones to internet connection, these gadgets have gotten a new trend these days - from wired to wireless. From a series of tangled wires and bulky size, these gadgets have evolved into simple but chic look. Even headphones, the ones that are used to listen to walkmans, cell phones and Discmans have taken the next step. Make way for the Bluetooth earbud headphones. Bluetooth earbud headphones like modern phones and laptops use Bluetooth technology, which can connect wirelessly to your Bluetooth-capable cellular phones. Some mp3 gadgets can also be used simultaneously with this kind of headphones. The Advantages Why choose wireless headphones over the wired ones? Basically, wireless headphones are very convenient and easy to use. It is very light, sleek and sophisticated in appearance. It fits around your head and ears snugly and easily. While walking, typing paper works, jogging or even drinking coffee, you can easily hear your jam without discomfort. Because of its size and unique technology, the Bluetooth earbud headphones can be kept almost anywhere. It is not surprising that a lot of people are now getting hooked with this new technology. Another thing that makes these wireless babies exceptional is that it fits comfortably in your ears that you won't even feel that you're wearing it. A plus factor about this kind of headphones is the fact that you don't have to deal with long wires. These wires cause hassle as they take some time to untangle and straighten. The Disadvantages Although these Bluetooth earbud headphones are now the object of yearning among gadget and music fanatics, you may want to consider some of its disadvantages before rushing to buy one. This will prevent futile spending of money and dissatisfaction over the product. Because these wireless headphones do not use wires to connect it to your main gadget, it has a high risk of getting misplaced and lost, let alone its small size. Some models also use small cadmium or lithium ion batteries to cause these headphones to function which means that you will have to come across the hassles of replacing its batteries sooner or later. Unlike its older models, these Bluetooth headphones have complicated but delicate circuitry which may easily get broken due to impact caused by careless handling and dropping.
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