Brief introduction of ZheRunTai
Dongguan ZheRunTai silicon Technology Co., Ltd has evolved for decades and has been well known by customers at home and overseas. Manufacturing and the R&D are supported by a group of technicians. It is promoted in both foreign and domestic markets. Its exports constitute a proportion to the sales.

ZheRunTai Silicon Technology is the China's best known airpods strap brand. ZheRunTai produces a number of different product series, including silicone cover. ZheRunTai airpod strap apple is strictly scrutinized and tested. It is required to test in terms of its cutting, stamping, extrusion, anodizing, and polishing quality and overall mechanical properties. Premium material is used to guarantee its anti-aging. The product is up to standard in quality and performance. It has better fluidity and higher tensile and tear strength.

Achieving sustainable development plans becomes vital in our business growth. We are looking for cleaner materials and create sustainable alternatives to the current packaging materials.
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