Choose Neonatal Care Product For Your Skin.

by:ZheRunTai     2020-08-12
The clinical practice guideline for evidence-based neonatal care, as a condition of newborn skin Scale (APN), was sponsored by the Association of Women's Health Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses and (AWHONN) and the National Association Neonatal Nurses (NANN) have been validated. In the guidelines, the use of plasticizers for babies of less than 32 weeks during the first 2-4 weeks is recommended. For babies under 30 weeks of gestation the old use of emollients is recommended to excessive transepidermal water loss (TEWL e) verringern.Uber one. Three decades has radically changed the treatment of newborns and new guidelines highlight this growth and development, however, this area has lagged behind skin care. One concern that remains is the problem of toxic substances in water-based products such as preservatives and fragrances found. While it is possible that this may be poisonous, this article presents evidence that the current skin products care, lanolin and petroleum jelly can contain toxic and potentially harmful. It is also used a product that is not conserved, but occlusive, may be able to multiply in the act of microorganisms in colony forming units, which have systemic effects. The purpose of this paper is to shed light on these problems and to increase understanding and discussion data.The skin is the largest organ of the body and provides a shield between the body and its environment. In term infants, while there may be problems related to skin breakdown and infection, the stratum corneum is fully developed and protects the baby. In contrast, the barrier of the skin and the skin of a premature baby's skin is not completely entwickelt.Die of a newborn too soon for some thirteen (13) percent of their body weight. In comparison, three (3) percent of body weight for adult skin. The body weight of the skin is four (4) times higher in newborns compared to adults. As specifically related to skin care to consider these characteristics in the use of newborn skin: Fluid imbalances. Percutaneous absorption of toxins. Tissue injury. InfektionDie structure of the skin of an adult, since during the skin embryonic and neonatal yet fully appreciated. The development of skin in the uterus is complex and still under investigation. In utero, the skin of two-dimensional growth to cover the surface of the developing embryo and fetus. The first newborn epidermal and dermal skin epidermis is not integrated development gegangen.In neonatal intensive care units (ICU) skin care product range is carefully examined. Ensure the risks mentioned above, great attention should be on the welfare of the newborn in the first hours and days of life. Skin care is one of the most important areas of care for these vulnerable children. It is now recommended AWHONN and NANN a Aquaphor?, Ex A petrolatum-based product as neonate skin care Weichmacher. In conducted the work at Stanford University concluded that the therapy reduced the moisturizer plasticizers dermatitis premature children without the microbial flora. A plasticizer is an agent that softens the skin. This definition is important because, as the level of care has changed in NICUs over the past three decades, the selection of plasticizers in the pharmaceutical industry is changing technology hat.High silicone excipients have displaced petrolatum and business opportunities due to its adherence to the treatment is to improve the poor aesthetics associated with petrolatum-based formulations. Silicones are not new to the pharmaceutical industry. They are used in transdermal systems, catheters and specialized medical devices, including pacemakers used.
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