Classic Cassette Tape Silicone Case For iPhone 4

by:ZheRunTai     2020-08-11
Protect your iPhone in style with premium silicone Cassette Styled Case. Form fitted design and quality construction will provide the protection your device needs. It will also surprise all your friends when they find out that cassette tape is actually your cool iPhone!! Keep your iPhone protected and looking good with our case. You do not need to remove the case entirely Classic Cassette Tape Silicone Case for iPhone 4 I ordered this case from and received this phone case for my new iPhone 4. It arrived so quickly and exactly as it was pictured. It fits perfectly and looks wonderful not to mention the incredibly awesome price. I've been using it for about a month. I don't think it's too loose for the iPhone 4, for me it fits great. However, I don't care for how it sticks when I pull it out of a pocket. It usually brings my pocket with it, leaving my pants pockets like half inside-out, but I think you'll have that with any silicone case. It's true that there's no opening for the charger to plug into the phone while the case is on, which is my biggest annoyance, but it's workable. All the other necessary parts are usable with the case on, so I only have to slide the bottom end off occasionally at my desk or overnight while the phone is plugged in. Overall, I think this is a great case. I bought it for the design, and the design is awesome. I get compliments every time I set my phone down. It's noticed by everyone and is a great conversation starter. Highly recommend if you're looking for something interesting and different! This case is adorable! It attracts a lot of attention. People will comment, and it's quite the conversation starter. I'm not sure how effective it is in protecting the phone-it seems pretty flimsy. I prefer a flexible case though so that's fine with me. It's not too thick either, which I like because I really don't like a bulky phone case. It will also surprise all your friends when they find out that cassette tape is actually your cool iPhone! I absolutely love the cassette tape case! It was super cheap, and it arrived in no time at all. I am very satisfied with the item and will buy again. Everything that was mentioned went very well.
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