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by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-14
< p> common silicone products doubt < / p> < p> as more silicone products appear in our daily life, I believe that a lot of people on silica gel and silica gel products are not very understanding, hearts full of doubt, we summarizes some common problems and questions, hope to be able to solve your heart so they don't because you when buy silicone was not bothered by the doubts in the heart, let us in the mode of writing: < / p> < p> 1. Silica gel products bad product can recycle production? < / p> < p> a: no, once the silicone products molding will not be able to inverter, a molding silicone products if it is a defective product, so face scrap, if only slightly bad appearance or can be reprocessed product processing. < / p> < p> 2。 Screen printing can remove in the silicone products? < / p> < p> a: yes, silica gel products after just for screen printing, not into the oven before can dip in with clean cloth with a little white electric oil wipe the printing part, after baking, and silicone buttons are difficult to remove silk screen, this time can use sand paper friction or electric grinding wheel grinding removal of screen printing, electric grinding wheel grinding methods and should pay attention to the dynamics, improper operation can lead to produce grinding crack surface of silica gel products. < / p> < p> 3。 The process of silica gel products? < / p> < p> a: guest samples/drawings - design - client confirmation to open the sample mold - proofing - proofing to confirm the purchase order, open mould and mass production according to the contract requirements to QA, shipment assembly. < / p> < p> 4。 The silicone products of the production process? < / p> < p> a: prepare the materials - mixing - molding - sulfide - printing - spraying - edge trimming and packaging. < / p> < p> 5。 How to deal with surface of silica gel products can do? < / p> < p> a: (1) spray hot oil, as the name suggests the product may have a good touch feel. (2), fuel injection and radium vulture, silica gel sets after repairing the edge on the surface of silica gel products again after spraying a layer of color ink injection pattern radium. (3) glue, silica gel on the edge of has been repaired on colored liquid glue to make pattern on the drops. 4 color printing, on the edge of has been repaired on the silica gel products printed any color pattern, this process can make the silicone set not only beautiful and stereo sense is stronger. < / p> < p> 6。 The silicone products is faulty, if there is a harm to human body? < / p> < p> a: the causes of odor mainly by the hot pressing molding machine, raw material after normal temperature, the odour of, even if the silicone raw material is not exceptional also, in general, cooling after three or four days, the smell will gradually disappear, because the silicone material is non-toxic tasteless environmental protection product, won't cause harm to human body. < / p> < p> 7。 What reason causes the silicone products size bad? < / p> < p> a: forming pressure is too high, will lead to the size of the silica gel products slightly long, pressure is too low, lead to smaller the size of the silica gel products, the thickness of the thick, rubber molding emissions too much bubble (silicone product Package the wind) Load, silicone buttons on the high side, the size of silica gel products is big. < / p> < p> 8。 Surface of silica gel products printing characters will drop what reason be cause? < / p> < p> a: (1) a dirty surface of silica gel products, block printing ink with silica gel adsorption. (2) screen printing after baking time or temperature. (3) screen printing ink itself appeared quality problem. < / p> < p> 9。 The appearance of the silica gel products main inspection items have? < / p> < p> a: mainly check whether product color difference, the burrs are finishing clean and products burst, screen printing character offset, surface impurities, dirt. < / p> < p> 10。 What are the advantages of the silicone products? < / p> < p> a: (1), environmental protection silicone itself is non-toxic environmental protection, in the process from raw materials into the factory to the finished product delivery does not produce any toxic or harmful substances. (2) strong toughness, long service life. (3) handle delicate, soft and smooth. (4), the price is cheap and widely used. < / p> < p> more silicone products, mobile phone silica gel sets, and other information as in zhe embellish too silicagelzrt. comxinwenzhongxin < / p>
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