custom silicone case export destinations
Custom silicone case shows great export potential in global markets. It features unique and significant attributes that are difficult to replicate. Through exports, Dongguan ZheRunTai silicon Technology Co., Ltd not only gains benefits but also expands the customer network and is exposed to new ideas and technologies.

ZheRunTai is the best-selling domestic airpod holder brand. ZheRunTai produces a number of different product series, including silicone earbud tips. The manufacture of ZheRunTai silicone earbud tips includes three major stages, namely, rough machining, semi-finish machining, and finish machining. All of these stages are carried out by professional mechanical technicians. A variety of colors are available and its color is customizable. The product has many technical advantages such as long service life. Environmentally friendly silicone is used during the production.

We establish an effective and efficient control system for waste and resources, with the aim of safeguarding the health and welfare of the community from any adverse environmental issues. All of the wastes will be treated by specific waste management facilities before discharge.
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