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Do You Get Ready to be Paid for Your Health?


With the advancement and development of modern science and technology, silicone products are visible in our daily life. Due to the excellent performance of silica gel, silicone has been deeply integrated into our life and is widely used in various fields.

At the same time, silicon is widely used as household items. If you buy a poor quality silicone product, you will waste money to be paid for it. Many manufacturers now use some silicone-like materials to save cost, and they are similar in hardness, elasticity and feel. These counterfeit silicone products are of poor quality and short working time, but are difficult to visually distinguish with the naked eye. In the market, for instance, silicone mobile phone cases became yellowed and deformed. Especially in the medical beauty industry, the accidents were caused by the use of inferior silica gel. In the beauty industry, silica gel is used as a filling material.However, somebody use bad silica gel to replace, which causes many women who love beauty to have skin edema, ulceration and severe pain, and resulted in disfigurement, other diseases and so on.

The reason for the inferior silica product is the use of poor quality raw materials, unreasonable design of the mold, and immature process. This is linked to the buyer looking for a partner. The buyer must have certain production requirements for the supplier.

As a manufacturer of silicone products, Zhe Runtai Silicone Products Technology Co., Ltd. not only strictly requires every process, but also adheres to the principle of honesty and integrity, and insists on using environmentally-friendly raw materials to ensure quality and quantity. At the same time, Zhe Runtai also passed the national quality inspection and won the China Preferred Brand Enterprise Certificate, Zhe Runtai truly achieved environmental protection.

What are the characteristics of the silica gel we use? Firstly, it is non-toxic and tasteless, and silica gel has passed the rigorous testing of the country to meet the green environmental standards. Secondly, on the one hand, it has better fluidity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, higher tensile and tear strength. On the other hand, it has smaller shrinkage, and higher number of overturning than ordinary silica gel. Moreover, the production and processing of silicone products must be conducted in a dust-free environment, and Zhe Runtai proves this with action.

Zhe Runtai promised to strictly monitor each procedure and resolutely put an end to the production of inferior silica products. Honest and trustworthy is the basis for a company. Zhe Runtai aims to build a green life for customers and truly care for customers. Of course, as consumers, we must also take care of health and stay away from inferior silica. At last, do you get ready to be paid for your health?


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