Don't Pay Too Much For A Personalized iPhone Case!

by:ZheRunTai     2020-08-08
It's true, everyone wants one, they appear to be the hottest gift idea of the millennium, but don't fall into the trap of paying more than necessary for yours! Too many people are rushing out, doing a Google search and buying the first personalized iPhone case they find, you know, the one at the top of the search engine results, in most cases for $40 or more! Let's take a step back for a minute - why are so many people desperate for the same product? You can blame Apple for that; with their incredible marketing efforts, millions of people all over the world now use the same cell phone, you know the one, the one you probably want too! The issue here is most people want to give their phone its own identity, but with iPhones only being available in two colors, black or white, everyone's phone becomes anonymous. So now we know why everyone wants one, but why do they pay so much more than necessary for them? People are just plain lazy, they don't do thorough research, they prefer the fastest and easiest route to a purchase, in other words a quick Google search, click on the first link they come across, upload their photos and designs, create their own unique iPhone case, order it and pay whatever is demanded! Most people are surprised to learn that if they shop around a little more they can locate the exact same product for less than half the price! The reason the companies at the top of the search engines charge so much is because they spend a lot of money on advertizing - and that is why they are top of the search engines, and do you know what, it's you, the consumer, that's paying for it all! In other words, if you dig a little deeper, you will usually find the same thing for less - that applies to any popular product, not just personalized iPhone 4 cases. When you research more thoroughly, you will usually find a better selection as well as better prices. For example, did you know that fully customizable iPhone 4 cases are readily available in many more colors than the standard black or white you find in most stores - to my knowledge alone, you will also find blue, green, orange, pink and clear. The other thing you should be aware of while doing your research is phone cases come in lots of different qualities - the best ones to look for are those that have the photos covered by some form of protective film. Probably the best are the ones that use a crystal clear enamel coating, they not only protect your photos and designs from scratches and scrapes, they also provide a stunning finish that brings out the best in your images.
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