Factors in Buying The Best Ear Phones

by:ZheRunTai     2020-08-07
If you want to buy the best ear phones then there are certain factors which you have to look into before buying any earphones and they are Sound, Comfort, Durability, Looks and Price. Let's have a look at them individually here: Sound: Maximum people know treble, bass and midrange as the basics of sound but it is more complex than that. When you buy earphones, you need to assess the sound on 4 main factors and they are sound balance, dynamic range, clarity/distortion and staging. Sound Balance refers to levels of treble, bass and mid range- if the sound is being presented neutrally by balancing all these 3 types or there is sound coloration meaning by these levels have been exaggerated. Sometimes exaggeration above certain level can distort the music sound. You have to consider range also which refers to the low and extreme high ends of the audio spectrum. The Range is shown by the number of circles present on the earphones and it is better not to take earphones with more number of these circles unless manufactured by reputable company. Other factors are Clarity/distortion and staging. Comfort: It means how you feel earphones on the surface of your ear. Earphones vary widely with respect to size, shape and location of earpiece, and thus become necessary to see which one will fit your ears. It is seen that the smaller the earpiece, it is more comfortable and besides size, the canalphones also depend upon the soft tips i.e. is the padded (foam) covers to stick with your ears. It has been found in the past few months that coated foam has been preferred over other silicone rubber, soft plastic and porous foam. You will be surprised to know that these tips can make a hell of difference in both comfort and sound. Even the best ear phones will sound terrible without the correct type of tips. Looks: Some people want only fashionable earphones comprising even the sound and comfort level whereas some people can even wear the geekiest earphones if they sound good. The number of companies is launching various models putting equal weight on looks and sound quality these days to woo the consumers. It is you who has to decide which type of earphones suits your needs. Durability: This is also important factor to be looked into but it also depends upon your usage habits. If kept in good shape and stored in a case inspite of regular use, even cheap earphones can last many years but if mishandled, even the best ones can stop working within few days of purchase. But do check for any type of guarantee offered by the company. Price: Price factor is also very crucial in buying earphones. The price of earphones varies from $50 to $300 depending upon the quality, features and performance. So it depends upon your budget also which earphone to buy. When looking for the best ear phones, keep in mind the above mentioned factors, it will help you a lot.
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