Fancy Silicone Made Mobile Phone Stand

by:ZheRunTai     2020-08-06
Wouldn't it be great if you could have a smart phone stand that can be easily placed in your handbag when you are travelling on the airplane? Seriously, you'll never forget your smart phone stand because it'll always be waiting for you in your handbag. Just pop it out, set it on your tray table, nestle your smart phone in its mouth, plug in your ear buds, and say goodbye to crappy airplane movies and helloooooo to quality zombie flick. There is a round rubber foot on the bottom to fasten the holder tightly on any thing with smooth surface. So it can be kept from sliding around when the kid in the seat in front of you starts thrashing like he's in a mosh pit. Ahhhh, travel bliss! A mobile phone stand for your desk at home or the office. Durable and recyclable silicon material. Non-slip silicone rubber claw for extra stability on train or plane. Ideal for viewing picture, display, watching movies etc. Keep your cell phones at the perfect angle for viewing videos and content. Small and fashionable, and you can take it anywhere anytime. Ingenious and useful design, a perfect accessory for all of your phones! Phone case removal unnecessary. Compatible With: iPhone 4S/4/3GS/3G iPod Touch Galaxy S/S2/LTE/HD Motorola HTC Other mobile phone models Silicone is always be soft but solid, you may feel freezing or harsh when using hard case or metal case mounting on your iPhone, but those problems will be thrown out if you have a silicone one. Use the silicone stand holding your iPhone and watching video and e-book while you are sick of hold it by yourself and also, you are able to adjust the iPhone to the most comfortable angle to save the burden on your neck and shoulder. It is actually quite convenient and cheap with this stand kit and there will be one more place to put your phones on, check the clock, ebooks, and photos viewing and do as many thing you can with your imagination. SW-Box has realsed two type of this stand on the list, check them by yourselves and there will be more shock you will find!
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