Get the Latest and Lightweight Earbud Headphones

by:ZheRunTai     2020-05-28
The demand for earphones continually grows higher because of the boom in the audio technology. All over the world today, it becomes quite indispensable for people to have musical gadgets as part of their everyday existence. This is particularly true for young people. They are usually the ones who get very involved with the rise of the audio technology. Most youngsters cannot go on a day now without having to bring their MP3s or MP4s along with them. An inevitable complement of such gadgets is headphones. In fact, this accessory has already built its own market within the industry. Along with the rise in demands for audio devices is the complementary demand for headphones also. Today, musical widget devotees have another reason to celebrate. And this is in the form of lightweight earbud headphones with mic. This latest variety of earphone is said to be the most innovative by far. Throughout the internet, the marketing for earbud headphones with mic is obviously very much intensive. A lot of advertisements are dedicated to promote this accessory, apparently for the purpose of being more aggressive in sales. And true to form, earphone enthusiasts could not help but forward purchase orders after browsing through these ads. Earbud headphones are now sold with special offers available. Earbud headphones with mic are a very hot item today because buyers could not resist the following technical details they possess. First, these headphones are very lightweight and the earbud design slips into the ears with much ease and comfort. Its lightweight characteristic is due to the 3.5 millimeter sized plug type design which is very compact to use and bring around. Second, it has headphone and microphone integrated all in one. It also has adjustable volume controls. The sound output mode is stereo and has impedance of 32 ohms. Just imagine using an earphone with a magnificent frequency response ability of 20-20, 000Hz and with a sensitivity that equals to 108dB+/-2dB, and a cord length of approximately 2 meters.
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