How about the ODM service flow?
The complete development and manufacturing process of ODM service in Dongguan ZheRunTai silicon Technology Co., Ltd consists of four stages. The first stage is to make an in-depth discussion with the customer. Contents include the brand image, marketing product line integrity, cost considerations, export regulations, patent applications, product testing, and other comprehensive product architecture. Next, during the product setup phase, we decide on overall customer expectations, resources of raw materials, formulation development, marketing, packaging materials design and other pre-planning work. Then is the sample development stage. We perform sample development and testing, fine-tuning based on customer ideas. Finally, production preparation. We will confirm the production line, packaging materials factory, and will help customers test the relevant packaging materials, establish product standards inspection ready for production.

After the successful introduction of high technology, ZheRunTai is more confident to produce high quality airpod holder. ZheRunTai produces a number of different product series, including airpod holder. Quality and reliability are the basic characteristics of a product. It is tested several times to ensure excellent waterproofing performance. The product contributes a lot in employee costs. Its needs fewer workers to support its operation, which will lead to financial savings. This well-crafted product is very user-friendly and is aimed at offering convenience in daily life.

We are active in implementing business sustainable development. During our production, we will minimize electricity consumption by adopting power saving facilities and reduce water consumption by recycling reusable water.
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