How many ZheRunTai silicone earphone case are sold per year?
Silicone earphone case sells very well on the market. As society grows, the demand for the product has been growing in the marketplace, which leads to the popularity of Dongguan ZheRunTai silicon Technology Co., Ltd that specialized in creating exquisite products for decades. Since the product was launched by us, it has attracted a growing number of attentions from clients at home and abroad, thus leading greater annual sales volume.
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Dongguan Zhe Run Tai Silicone Technology Co., LTD is a China-based enterprise focusing on developing and manufacturing of protective phone cases. We have gone far ahead of the industry. The airpod holder is one of the main products of ZheRunTai. ZheRunTai air pod case passes through the extremely harsh quality control and inspection. The product is breathable and is comfortable to hold. The product is built to last. Its sturdy frame can keep its shape over the years and there’s no variation that could encourage warping or twisting. The product is marketed based on our autonomously developed brand Zhe Run Tai which is the China Quality Brand.

We promote our sustainable development in our business. We make sure that our use of energy, raw material, and natural resources are legal and environmentally friendly.

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