How to buy good silicone products?

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-15
< p> how to buy good silicone products? < / p> < p> there are more and more silicone products appear in our daily life, so we want to know how to choose good silicone products. Like the silicone keyboard, silicone mask, silica gel cup mat and so on, here we would like to remind you, must pay attention to some problem when I buy silicone products, otherwise it will bring inconvenience or even damage to us. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> to buy time to see if the quality is good, see the key is to see the elastic quality. Because the silicone is elastic, the higher the better elasticity of silica gel products it will be. < / p> < p> look at silicone products tensile strength and tear strength, high tear strength silicone products, the better the ability to resist damage also, such a long life, not because of outside interference. Poor quality of silica gel in ripping it is easy to appear crack, life is short. < / p> < p> to view the wear resistance of silica gel products is also very important one step, the general wear resistance of the surface of the silica gel products rarely damage due to external factors, will not affect the appearance, character, color, etc. < / p> < p> for its hardness and rigid stretch stress manifests the rubber material ( Stiffness) The important indicators, they are silicone products produce certain deformation force when need. < / p> < p> don't know you did you have pay attention to these problems in the purchase of silicone products, hope that the above introduction can let you buy more suitable silicone products. < / p> < p> related articles recommendation: how to distinguish the silicone products quality is good or bad? Silica gel products factory technical support < / p>
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