How to Choose iPhone 4s Protective Cases

by:ZheRunTai     2020-07-27
Although Steve Jobs has died, the iPhone is still very popular, while the iPhone protective case, iPhone protector, iPhone shells are selling hot. But the products on the market varies, due to the original authentic is general valuable, so the market imitation brand imitate the original accessories. Now I will teach you how to choose the iPhone4s protective cases or iPhone4s shells. There are several aspects we can think out after we intend to purchase one. First, The Brand (1) Brand and non brand In iPhone4/4s popular era, the accessories also developed for a long time. But many IPhone users almost are no understanding about the brand of phone shells or cases. When they choose it and miss the most suitable product. In this age, brand is the most powerful intangible assets, since the brand has formed a brand, there must be superior to similar products in place, the quality is also elegant. So in the process of selection, we are all determined to observe, and more elegant, select the appropriate brand, the appropriate product. (2) The brand of professional degrees Between the brands, we have to compare. The best choice is high professional brand, which is concentrated products in the field is mobile phone shell or further concentrated in the female / male phone cases field. There kinds of brands are often better to explore the psychological needs of consumers, and produce the specialized products for specific consumers, higher satisfaction and reputation. For example, the majority of mobile phone cases manufacturers are mixture, it means the men and women both can choose, but there are specifically for young women's fashion phone cases brand, the market positioning is very clear, high professionalism, wide optional. Second, the material The material of IPhone4/4s protective cases are varieties. Probably silicone, TPU, PC, ABS, leather, metal material are the most frequent material we have heard. Silicone is popular relatively a few years ago. Due to more materials and process development in recent years, the user dissatisfac many of the shortcomings of the silicone, and lost the advantage gradually. Silicone is difficult to radiating, and the process is poor and appears to the low-end, modeling is also single. Now the more popular mobile iPhone4 protective cases made of PC and ABS material, PC generic polycarbonate, and thermoplastic engineering plastics. The impact resistance of PC material is good, and it is also good toughness, high transparency, non-toxic, processing convenience. Generally, PC cases plating pattern or touch rubber coating of oil in the process, you can also transfer some of the patterns, so that the mobile phone protective shell looks more upscale and refined, very pretty. ABS material is a little hard relatively, protective cover of the mobile phone of pure ABS material rarely, in the heat resistance and impact resistance is worse than PC material, but the ABS material mobility, coloring and surface coating and plating performance is pretty good. Now have a new process called in-mold injection molding, basic ABS plastic material, the surface of the material is PET. The advantage of this process is the surface of cases can be richer patterns, and similar transfer process than the transfer pattern is more refined, more perfect detail, strong texture, look tasteful. The brand and the materials are the very important aspects for iPone4/4s user to purchase a phone cases. If you want to get more information about touch screen or phone protective cases, please visit our homepage.
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