How to clean up the silicone mobile phone sets

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-15
Small to nail headdress, of course, also can't forget we are used every day in the mobile phone, for the sake of our own cell phone looks beautiful and generous personality dress it in all kinds of mobile phone sets, then the phone sets we how to clean up the dirty, the following six provided by zhe embellish too clear silicone phone case of methods. 1: use make up cotton swabs stick besmear in the stain is in a small amount of wind, can wipe gently with cotton swabs remove dirt after 1 minute. < / p> < p> 2: use cellophane tape or sticky tape, are sold on the market that wide cellophane tape, stick with it for two or three next try effect, may be a little dust, not goozyet oh is too dirty. 3: with alcohol, or use some toothpaste clean silicone phone case. 4: use a rubber wipe the silicone mobile phone sets. 5: if more silicone phone case can be washed in a washing machine. 6: use detergent to gently rub, and then rinse with water, after washing them. Remember, don't sunlight! < / p> < p> related articles recommended reading: phone sets according to your personality, pay attention to cough up! < / p>
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