How to distinguish the silicone and ordinary rubber?

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-15
Identify silica gel with ordinary rubber method is more complex, zhe embellish too to explain the method of distinguish between silicone and rubber are as follows: 1. < / p> Infrared spectral analysis can distinguish between material varieties. But not so practical for consumers. < / p> 2。 Is often case, silicone products are colorless, tasteless, do not add pigment as a transparent, if add different dyes can also get black silicone and color silica gel. But rubber products more or less have some flavor. Natural rubber itself smacked of some proteins, and the process of sulfur rubber, will produce a special kind of taste. Concludes that as for some people by softness than silicone rubber tactility more soft, this is not correct. Because ordinary rubber or tree fat materials through different additives, also can achieve and silica gel products is poor little softness. < / p>
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