How to get silicone earphone case quotation?
There are different quotations for silicone earphone case provided by Dongguan ZheRunTai silicon Technology Co., Ltd. Customers can get a quotation from us through email. It will contain the product model, size, product description, quantity, unit price, package fee, freight, insurance, and other information. The quotation is prepared mainly in English, and if the customers require one in a different language, please contact us to provide the template. Please keep our quotation in secret to protect our business, or we will retain the right to sue any behaviors damaging our interests.
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Relying on capability in manufacturing air pod case, Dongguan Zhe Run Tai Silicone Technology Co., LTD has transcended most other manufacturers in the domestic market. The airpod case cover is one of the main products of ZheRunTai. ZheRunTai earphone accessories complies with the strict production process. It has better fluidity and higher tensile and tear strength. The product is soft, smooth and luxurious and can be used on even the most sensitive skin. So if people like these feelings, they will like it. It does no harm to either human being and environment.

We work hard to meet customer demand for environmentally optimal products. We combine our industry knowledge with the renewable, recyclable and biodegradable materials to manufacture innovative products.

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