How to make double color or multicolor silicone products?

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-04
< p> how to make double color or multicolor silicone products? What we see on taobao many are multicolor silicone products, after all the public favorite is multicolor silicone products, silicone material itself is actually the transparent color, so you will think of another, multicolor silicone products in our eyes see whether is silica gel made of? Yes, don't doubt your own judgment, and indeed the multicolor silicone products are transparent silicone material. Then by zhe embellish too technology for you explain how to make a multicolor silicone products. < / p> < / p> in order to make the colour difference of silicone products, we need the pantone number provided by the customer for toning, by mother color, mixed according to certain proportion with silicone raw materials, and then form the color we need. After the raw materials ready, we will need to choose different products according to different process for production, it is used to glue craft, glue the sense that gives a person is stereo projection, need to glue the keys and logo after molding, process is complicated so the unit price is higher than the other. Anointed with oil, of course, technology can also generate multicolor effect, there are two kinds of effect: one is a mold carved out of the logo, moulding then anointed with oil. Another approach is to mould the engraving logo, moulding carving radium logo again, finally anointed with oil. < p> after years of development, zhe embellish too silicone products from simple functional requirements to more elegant and fashionable appearance. Our production process has been improved, with many years of production experience also make we can open mould according to customer's drawings tailored to all kinds of silicone products. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> related articles recommended reading: detailed process on zhe run too customized silicone products! < / p>
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