Incipio Stowaway For iPhone 4/4S

by:ZheRunTai     2020-07-23
Instead of plastic or leather, Q Card Case is made of a combination of soft-touch rubber and faux leather. the rubber is rather pliable, and easily wraps around the body of the iPhone to form a protective lip. it doesn't have enough elasticity to fully return to its normal shape though, resulting in edges that bow a bit and don't cover the bezel perfectly. the look and feel are that of a case that has been stretched out over time. All three buttons are covered but still have a very nice feel. The wallet portion of this case is the faux leather pocket on the back. It's slightly recessed and offers room for up to three credit cards, although the fit is very tight. rather than covering the cards completely, the pocket leaves a little over a quarter inch exposed. This, combined with the thumb hole on the opposite side, makes it very easy to slide cards in and out. CM4 also includes a cleaning cloth with the case. Incipio took a very different approach to its model, basing it off of the popular Silicrylic case. the case is composed of two layers: a silicone core and a hard plastic layer that fits over top to provide structure and protection. Stowaway covers more of the iPhone's bezel than Q Card Case does, coming to right above the light sensor and below the Home button, with a scoop for the button itself. the coverage of the rest of the buttons is comparable, however. This case is noticeably thicker than others from Incipio because of the plastic back. it flips open to reveal a holder for two credit cards or some cash-a nice touch, but the implementation adds a lot of bulk. A small ridge on either side holds the cards in place so that even if the door comes open, they won't fall out. the door also doubles as a viewing stand. we really like this implementation. it looks very nice, offers multiple functionalities, and holds your cards securely. Incipio includes its standard screen protector film, cleaning cloth, and applicator card with the case. Of the two Incipio cases, we find Stowaway to be the better option, because it provides better protection for the same price, for both your iPhone and your credit cards. the fact that Q Card Case leaves your cards exposed is worrisome both because of prying eyes and the fact that they may in some circumstances fall out. we were also turned off by the poor fit of CM4's case; it doesn't affect usability, but it does detract from the overall appeal. M4 did manage to squeeze more storage space into a slimmer profile, however. Stowaway's thickness may be a real issue for some, but the clever flip-open compartment will be appreciated by many. It's the best case/wallet we've seen yet, but it still earns only our general recommendation. Q Card Case, on the other hand, falls into the same middling space as so many others, making it worthy of a B-.
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