Keep Your Ears Safe When Using Best Earbuds

by:ZheRunTai     2020-07-20
If you want to make your long tiring workout sessions enjoyable then nothing is better than listening to music as it rejuvenates you and keep you going on. A number of gadgets are available such as MP2 players, cell phones etc to hear music but the most essential item you need is a pair of best earbuds. The earbuds are quite popular among youth and the features which have made them their favorite are their small size, portability, and convenience to use and affordable prices. Generally earbuds are safe to use but the risk of damaging ears as well as hearing loss still persists. The truth is that earbuds cannot offer the same dynamic range as that of full sized headphones at a given volume and due to this reason people tend to set the volume at a higher level so as to cut of surrounding noise. But this enhances the chances of hearing loss to a considerable degree. Keeping this negative aspect in mind, in this article I will mention some tips on safe and comfortable usage of earbuds so that you can enjoy your favorite music without damaging your ears. The first tip is to keep the volume low. Since you place the earbuds right outside the ear canal close to the sensitive membranes, the sound is directly injected into the ear which is received at a significantly louder level thereby increasing the risk of hearing loss or ear damage. So it is highly suggested that you should not exceed the volume more than 60% of the maximum level when listening to music. You should also restrict the usage of earbuds to maximum of 45 to 60 minutes per day. In this way, you can significantly reduce the possibility of ear damage. Next tip is to make use of earbuds accessories that come along them. The ear canal tips which form a part of standard earbuds kit help you to place the earbuds securely within the ear. Few of the best earbuds also have a protective layer stick-on material for absorbing sweat making them the most suitable for jogging, running or strenuous workouts. Yet another tip is to make use of an earbud case when you are not using earbuds. Usually the earbuds these days come with vinyl or leather case and you should store your earbuds in them when not in use. This also offers a number of advantages - firstly it protects them from getting damaged prematurely and secondly it protects them from dirt, dust, germs etc thereby foreclosing any chances of ear infection which may be higher otherwise. It is highly advised to keep the above tips in mind when listening to music as then you can make the best use of the best earbuds available in the market.
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