Looking at Your Options For Breast Implants

by:ZheRunTai     2020-07-17
Women like to feel beautiful and attractive women with smaller chests often think of receiving breast implants. In order to achieve that some women feel that their womanly features such as their breasts are too small or large and they ask doctors for help to love their body more. Often many think that big chested women are what men like and the only reason women go under the knife is to get attention through their breasts. A few years ago Doctor Phil a popular daytime TV host spoke with women that hope to receive breast augmentation. Dr. Phil was willing to give away a free breast augmentation if the women convince him that they deserved it. Surprisingly all three of the women received the surgery because they told Dr. Phil that the surgery would only add to who they were and they did not need it but would enjoy it. Breast augmentation appeals to many women after breastfeeding children women's breasts take a beating and Victoria secret bras just aren't doing it any more. Women that are breast cancer survivors have breast augmentation or reconstructive surgery done so that they look normal again. When women decide have a breast augmentation either a saline-filled or silicone filled prosthetic breast is implanted under the prepared area. It is not a cheap procedure. Insurance rarely covers it because it is a cosmetic procedure. For a silicone breast implants your bill would be around 3,700 and saline breast implants would be 3,400. Many women are concerned with getting there warranty for their implants. These implants come with a 10 year warranty some other products like Memory Gel offer a life time warranty that would cover almost all of the surgery fees. Breast implants have come a long ways since the 1970s. About 15 to 30 of women that receive breast augmentation had their breasts rupture. Before have breast augmentation it is highly recommend that you have a doctor you trust, know your warranty and do your research. Recently in 2010 some fresh brands of implants were banded because of great risk of rupturing. Funny enough there are different producers in different countries of what to do when they rupture in France you take them out and in UK it is recommend that you don't. There are even some women that report the agonizing side effects of their breast implants. Some symptoms were numbness in breasts shooting pain high fevers and back pain. We women love to feel beautiful and sexy but options must be review thoroughly before having a breast augmentation.
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