May ZheRunTai offer warehousing services?
You can ask the detailed information for Dongguan ZheRunTai silicon Technology Co., Ltd staff by email or phone call, who will give you a perfect solution. A warehouse is a place that is approved by the Treasury Department. These warehouses are used for storing silicone earphone case under bond until duties are paid. It depends on the order required by the buyer, we will try our best to offer the best service for customers.
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Dongguan Zhe Run Tai Silicone Technology Co., LTD is a professional domestic air pod case manufacturer with years of experience. Based on outstanding manufacturing ability, we are well-known in the market. The airpods strap is one of the main products of ZheRunTai. ZheRunTai earbud tips adopts standard and safe production process. Its manufacturing is up to the ISO9001 quality management system. This product is highly effective for driving impulse buys and connecting with consumers to create a brand experience at major retailers such as Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, Wal-Mart and more. It is very tolerant of both high and low temperature.

We have successfully embedded sustainability into our core business. We reduce our environmental impact through the participation of all suppliers in our Sustainable Supply Chain initiative.

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