Mechanics Behind Working of Best Headphones

by:ZheRunTai     2020-07-14
These days' headphones have become an essential accessory and it is a common sight to see people plugging them into their ears. If you also want to personalize the experience of listening by hearing your favorite music, you just need to get hold of your MP3 player, cell phone or any other music gadget and of course the best headphones to enjoy it. But have you ever thought how these headphones work? In this article, I will explain its working. The first model of headphone was created by Beyer dynamic in the 1930's but today it has changed significantly. These are just a pair of very small speakers, also known as transducers, which convert electric signals received from music player into sound waves. Let us first have a look at the speaker's mechanics and the technology behind the speakers is that our human ears have an eardrum which is a very thin membrane and vibrates in response to sound waves. These vibrations are then translated by brain into sound what we hear. And now these speakers produce sound waves very similar to the noise made by drum. When a drum is struck, its skin vibrates producing sound waves. The speakers have a cone and plastic or paper or fabric diaphragm which is stretched across the cone's wider part and tied to a metal ring. The cone's smaller end has an iron coil placed in front of a magnet. Wires are connected to the coil and these wires also connect the speaker to the music gadget. The sound originating from source gets translated into electric signals that transform the coil into an electromagnet and this makes the coil to move back and forth because the magnetized coil either repels or attracts the magnet behind it. The diaphragm gets pulled or pushed due to this motion of the coil and produces waves just like a drum and pumps these sound waves from speaker straight into your ears or room. The modern ear-headphones work just like bigger speakers with the difference lying that larger speakers have cones whereas cone in earbud is a flexible plastic piece which vibrates in response to signals sent by your music gadget. Under this cone, there is a magnet and above it is placed extremely small metal coil similar to a larger speaker. When the coil of music player is magnetized, it moves the plastic and produces sound waves which travel from the headphones into your ears. This is the basic mechanics that goes behind any of the best headphones available in the market.
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