Mobile phones with set with 'naked', which is more suitable for you

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-22
Mobile phones with set with 'naked', which is more suitable for you. Has entered the touch screen smart phone s, everybody's use habits had great changes. Big screen brought great reading, multimedia experience, also led to another industry: mobile phone sets. S comparison function machine, touch screen mobile phone becomes relatively weak, so users are more likely to pass phone sets to achieve very good protection. Cell phone sets in this feature s, of course, also have adornment effect. So, 'wear' or 'naked', which kind of way is very good? Let's just as well to discuss. Phone sets: add protective, modern degree can surely is that using mobile phone sets at the top of the original intention is to ascend protection and durability of the phone. The undeniable fact is that, even if the use of corning glass panel, touch screen is still fragile, together with mobile phone size becomes larger and more thin, not as good as function of the machine s concisely and resistance to fall off. So, whether it's lit water sets, TPU soft sets is still metal raw materials, support functions of the professional protective coat, must extent added durability of the phone. Obvious, in all the big screen, monoblock planning smartphone s, the word 'feature' is becoming more and more vague. Recall the function of mobile phone heyday, we can easily get all kinds of planning of the mobile phone: straight board, flip, slide, XuanBing, etc. , and now, if only through phone sets, let's demand for mobile phone characterization can be realized. You can choose cartoon, modern and luxurious character of jacket, of course also be able to pick the built-in lacing hole design, to use all kinds of pendant. Some smart talent and based on various occasions, choose different cell phone sets, and prepared in the dress. 'Naked' : the most natural, of course, even if the phone sets have very strong practicability, but many brothers does not love. A throughout idea is: phone makers struggled reduced the thickness of the cell phone, but you choose 'wear' thickening it, some abuse? Although the idea that some one-sided, but makes sense, for example choose apple iPhone 6 metal coat, HTC One M9, 'naked' feel is the best, just add the risk of mobile phone broke. But that is so, there are also many users choose 'wear'. < p> < / p> < p> : < / p> < p> whether using phone set is still a 'naked', advantages and disadvantages of each are, after all how to pick, is still depends on the user's own use. And, of course, we expect to see more flexible screens, electronic components, for the further development of such changes could make smartphones current monotonous plan shape, becomes more diverse, this is the electronic equipment to carry out the trend in the future. < / p> < p> related articles yudu recommendation: what types phone sets, practical? < / p>
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