Motorola Xoom Accessories

by:ZheRunTai     2020-07-13
It has joined the league with the very aesthetic and technical qualities that users have been craving for, for a long time now. Motorola has made various accessories for its Xoom Android Tablet like Bluetooth headsets, Motorola Xoom cases, Motorola Xoom charms, screen guard, Motorola Xoom Tablet Dock with speakers and wired headsets. The four different accessories to try out about Motorola Xoom Android Tablet-the speaker HD Dock, the Display Portfolio case, the Standard Dock and the Motorola Wireless Keyboard. All four add something different to the Xoom, making it more convenient, more user-friendly and even more powerful. We took pictures of them all, so hit the slideshow for more. The Bluetooth keyboard is a nice addition to the Xoom especially if one uses speaker HD dock and an HDTV, in that case whole setup become essentially a powerful media center. The Display Portfolio case is another accessory for Xoom which opens and closes like a book, and bends into several different positions for ideal viewing and typing angles. Premium Neo-Cushion Protective Tablet Case This comfortably-fitting Flex-sleeve Neoprene Cover-guard protects your tablet from all kinds of mishaps. It is made of a tough neoprene material, which provides protection from scratches and bumps. This easy-to-use Flex Sleeve Neoprene Cover-guard is sleek and makes it easy to travel with your tablet. Among the accessories that will be available are a media dock, an Advanced HDMI dock, a cable for a Camera Kit, and silicone cases in various colors. Also in the accessories list is a pair of chargers, one for the car and the other for travel overseas. Motorola Bluetooth keyboard for the Xoom Freedom Pro Keyboard- a Bluetooth keyboard that folds within the middle and springs with a neat case for carrying safely. Bluetooth Keyboard for Motorola Xoom with pink back Xoom Keyboard for those who want to be productive at the move a top tablet just like the Xoom can be a value at the same time as alter local to a laptop.
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