Nokia Lumia 920 Cases in Bold Summer Color

by:ZheRunTai     2020-07-11
One of the most fun things about Nokia's flagship Lumia 920 phone is its bright and punchy color lineup. More so than any cellphone maker, Nokia played up its love of vibrant hues in color options like bright blue, hot red, fun yellow and more. And accessories makers seem to be following suit with equally colorful Lumia 920 cases. Cheerful and bright, these Lumia 920 cases are just the thing for summertime. So this article is all about rounding up some fun Lumia 920 accessories in bold summer color. First up is the officially-branded Nokia Protective Cover for the Lumia 920. Since this is Nokia's own design, it's no surprise that they injected this accessory lineup with teh same fun color you get from the phone itself. Looking to perfectly match the color of your phone? You can get this Lumia 920 carrying case in all the same colors as the device itself is offered in. But if you're not necessarily convinced, some third party accessories makers, like Incipio, have taken a cue from Nokia for bright and colorful Lumia 920 cases of their own. For instance, Incipio has released a model of their classic Feather carrying case for Lumia 920. And true to form, it's offered in a punchy color range that includes a fun blue very similar to Nokia's blue, as well as other non-Nokia colors, like candy pink. Slim, lightweight and quite protective, the Feather for Lumia 920 is pretty great accessory all around - portable, protective and cool. When you dress for summer, you usually do away with all the black, dark grey and other sombre tones reserved for winter. And why shouldn't you do the same when it comes to your phone case? Sure, quality and protection should be the first things you consider when looking into a protective carrying case for your Lumia 920. But there's nothing that says you can't get that in a fun and bright finish to boot. Nokia's own Protective Cover case and Incipio's Feather are both proof of that. So as you fire up the grill this summer, and as you haul out your bright and cheery summer wardrobe, consider making another seasonal change this summer, with a fun and funky Lumia 920 case that suits the spirit of the season.
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