Protecting Your Mobile Phone From Damage

by:ZheRunTai     2020-07-05
If you've ever dropped your mobile phone, you know the inner frustration this can cause. Often there is a feeling of relief due to the fact that there appears to be no damage. Remember, that every little scratch, dent and scuff on the surface of your phone reduces its resale value. This is particularly true in the case of high-end phones like the Motorola Droid and the iPhone. Dealers and companies specifically recommend the use of cases to ensure that delicate screens, toggles, ports and buttons don't get damaged or scratched. The range of choices includes hard cases, soft silicone cases, soft leather cases, neoprene cases and even hard metallic cases to ensure that the phone and its valuable electronic components remain as safe as possible. You can buy cases from the dealer at the time that you are purchasing the phone or you can order a new case online from local or international websites. The least expensive cases may cost only a few dollars, while beautiful silicone printed cases may cost anywhere from thirty to fifty dollars. High end cases that are specifically made for special brands of mobile phones can easily cost fifty dollars or more. If you buy accessories along with the case, there will be additional charges. For example, dealers will offer belt clip holsters, leather sleeves, pretty key chains, and personalized money clips as additional options. Silicone sleeves are the most popular at present. Manufacturers create them in bright colors, funky designs and they are quite reasonable. Silicone is probably the easiest of cell phone covers to put on. Metallic cases are nice in order to provide a professional appearance. You will find colorful, tinted metal cases, carbon colored varieties, and plain white or silver and gold cases. Polycarbonate is a useful material as well. Most of these cases are waterproof and absorb shops. Remember that some of these models can be bulky to carry around. Each brand makes its own claims. Some promise protection from water problems, while others offer shock absorption. It is best read a few reviews on each case that you are considering in order to make an informed decision. Companies such as Apple and Motorola make their own specific cell phone covers for various phone models. Be sure to check the warranties and compare reviews. If you don't want to buy a cell phone case, you should consider getting mobile phone insurance. Insurance will protect your phone but it may have specific exclusions. For example, Verizon will cover most damage that happens to your phone from water, fire and dropping. There are independent companies that have lower deductibles for loss or theft of the phone. It makes sense to get a cover to protect your investment. With the replacement costs of many smartphones being in the hundreds, a protective case makes sense. In addition, consider an insurance policy if it is within your budget. Remember to concentrate when you carrying items from the car into your home. There are a number of people who report that they dropped their phones due to carrying bags from the supermarket into the home without placing the phone in their pocketbook first.
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