Protective Yet Classy iPhone 4 Cases

by:ZheRunTai     2020-07-04
If you are investing $400 in purchasing the classy, chic and exclusive apple's iPhone 4, then do not forget to expand a little more on its safety. The lustrous, technologically highly developed and beautiful iPhone 4 is the most sensitive product that apple has ever come up with. Even a research proved that iPhone 4 is more exposed to cracks and scratches than any other model of iPhone. Well, all in one solution for the iPhone 4 owners is readily available in the market. The smart owner of an iPhone will happily invest some more dollar in buying stylish yet protective iPhone 4 cases. The best and widely used iPhone 4 cases are listed below and one can make the choice according to the wish and taste: a) Incase Snap iPhone 4 Case: This slender and diaphanous case is highly recommended by the iPhone users. It is really feasible for the users to place the phone on the cover and remove. It also provides sufficient access to all the ports. It costs around $35 and is available in three alarming colors including white, clear and smoke. b) Speck Candy Case Shell: Such cases are available in more than 10 exclusive colors. The case is made up from thin elastic rubber which forms the hard exterior shell. This case ranges between $30 to $35 depending on the design and color. c) iFroze Luxe iPhone 4 Case: This case is available in the markets, in almost 6 different shades. It costs around $30 and its velvet touch makes it a hot selling among the iPhone users. The case is specially designed as it provides good space for all the buttons, sensors and ports. d) Speck Fitted iPhone 4 case: This case is the most trendy and classy among all the available options. Its beautiful colors and patterns make it outstanding. The case is designed in a way that it has two pieces and the back can be covered up by a fabric according to the choice of the buyer. It is around $30but provides a very good protection to the phone. e) Sena Magnet iPhone 4 cases (flipper): Sena magnet case, is basically a flipper and this makes it the most expensive iPhone 4 leather cases. This leather flipper comes in almost every color and protects the iPhone from both the sides. It has a fixed magnet in the front flap which keeps iPhone safe while it's locked. f) OtterBox Commuter iPhone 4 cases: One will not find these types of cases attractive or beautiful, but they are the best in protecting the iPhone from damage. The distinguishing feature of this case is that, it comes along with the screen protector. g) Inside Slider iPhone 4 case: This is also one of the case which is carefully designed. The hard plastic is used in the outer case, along with rubber inside the case. This helps in protecting the phone from shocks, damages and scratches. All the ports and buttons are easy ton access through this kind of case. One can make a choice among the huge variety available in the shops.
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