Secrets of How to Clean Wood Furniture

by:ZheRunTai     2020-06-30
Most people are taking care of their wooden furniture especially solid wood furniture that its price usually higher than others. The treatment is for keeping its beauty and originality. However have taken a good care; there are still any scratches and stains. Therefore, here giving some tips for taking care of solid wood furniture. At times as small thing can be so useful to clean up furniture. A felt tipped pens can be used to hide small scratches or use shoe polish on its surface to cover stains. Nevertheless, if there any stains by cups or glasses rough it up using abrasive paper. In addition, for stains of cigarette ash can be roughed up with abrasive paper mixed with cooking oil. To prevent stains from having water rings, always use wooden coaster. Use scratch cover product to hide any scratches on your wooden furniture surface. Use clean cloth to apply and rub on it scratches. When due may polish the wood furniture twice a year and it is recommended to hire a professional. Do not forget to use a good quality polish to protect your finished wooden furniture to avoid any damage on its finish. Also, avoid using polish containing alcohol or silicone since it can spoil the finish. For a suggestion, do not use chemical cleaner containing ammonia to clean wood furniture. Another solution is using a diluted mild soap for cleaning finish wooden furniture. Alternatively, use olive oil and lemon oil for making furniture polish at your home. Other tips are always keep dry completely from the water spots, and then apply oil on a soft cloth to rub the watermark. Do not forget avoid placing your wooden furniture in direct sunlight and layer with table cloth to place hot dishes on wooden furniture.
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