Silica gel and plastic what's different?

by:ZheRunTai     2020-03-26
May have a lot of friends don't know, what is the difference between the silicone and plastic, although on the surface seems like a little difference, but the touch feel the difference is big, silica gel products more noticeably softer than plastic products! Below is the zhe embellish is summed up in detail the specific content! < / p > < / p > first of all, in terms of safety, silica gel products are non-toxic tasteless, and most have plastic, if you have any heavy taste silicone products met, this kind of product can't buy, if is a mild taste mostly silicone release agent used in products mold release, taste natural eliminate placed a period of time! Physiological inertia and chemical stability of silica gel products to be higher than the plastic products, plastic chemical stability in general! USES is environmental protection material, it is well known that the silicone products, silicone products have long service life, high flexibility, non-slip, shock-proof, high temperature resistant, and plastic products have no such superior performance! Plastic products or fade easily, easy to produce harmful substances! In the process of production, silica gel products are more easily than plastic demoulding, easy to clean! < / p > < / p > environmental protection and safety of silicone products, has been gradually integrated into the broader market! , more of a human life cannot leave the things as a silicone products manufacturer warm prompt, please buy from normal manufacturer of silicone products, some silicone products factory, after all, in order to reduce costs, improve efficiency, the inferior silica raw material processing, to the user bring unnecessary loss! < / p >
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