Silica gel products are not ripe the cause and the solution!

by:ZheRunTai     2020-03-27
< p> how to determine the silicone products? Now we are silicone products manufacturer in molding finished products are not ripe, they will appear after we buy the silicone than rubber raw materials price is cheap, not only appearance and quality can not meet the requirements, but also waste the raw materials, we bring to the company losses, this kind of situation is common in the silicone industry, the cause of the problem is also many, we are not familiar with today, he said for the silicone products of reason and solution. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> < / p> after molding, silicone products appearance and the function can meet the quality requirements, but there is a small part of site there will be no vulcanized rubber, silicone products appear on the surface of raw rubber, inside unripe mainly appeared on the large size products, adjust the temperature when molding, exhaust and the way of discharge, and cause. Make for sulfide product out of the mold in advance. The surface without any exception, but in fact no vulcanization molding. All the products after the mold face all soft, fingers choke surface shape will not recover, there will be a sticky material, this product has a hand products, tensile strength and toughness strength is better than a good product. So we in the production process of, don't cry because it is to improve the production efficiency, and blindly reduce the curing time, this not only didn't bring efficiency, lowering the quality of the guarantee and the waste of human resources, influence the orderly development of the company.
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