Silica gel sets have an impact on mobile phone?

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-04
< p> nowadays more and more mobile users, mobile phone accessories market is growing, mobile phone sets, by the people more and more along with the increase in cell phone sets the type of material, people began to wonder if he on the impact of mobile phones, below small make up too much of zhe embellish to sort out the silicone sets the end effects of mobile phone? < / p> ( FIG. 1) < / p> < / p> just to buy a lot of new friends for the protection of the mobile phone can give mobile phones in case, but with the passage of time finally will be phone sets off, the mobile phone sets of material personal feeling or silica gel or PC silica gel is good, because of the silicone phone case of fall prevention effect of leverage ( To buy mobile phones much set of friends is to drop) Feel is surprisingly good, followed by silica gel, silica gel can be made into any shape, set fill any desired color, other materials shall be controlled! Some netizens think, cell phone silicone can increase the 'high copy mobile phone' and 'black phone' mystery, also can prevent cell phone scratches with out paint, some mobile phones can also add buttons handle and news writing speed, at the same time, on the clothes or pants pocket can also increase friction degree of the mobile phone, mobile phone anti-theft effect! < p> < / p> < / p> < / p> < p> < / p> but there are also some netizens believe that mobile phone silica gel form after not good-looking, This in zhe's cell phone sets manufacturers can be neglected, all kinds of latest hot style phone sets, click the arrow: mobile phone shell) And think mobile phones set affect heat dissipation, we have professional designers put the cell phone cover designed to fan heat type, although the heat is not comprehensive, but heat much better than traditional phone sets, FIG. 1) Or try our manufacturer package silicone mobile phone shell, the latest research and development of PC fan thermal performance is also good! Relevant article recommended reading: Taiwan sell mobile phone shell good-looking but bad to use!
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