Silica gel sets of how to choose and buy

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-22
There are a lot of consumer is blind for silica gel sets of choose and buy, do not know how to choose, that is good, is bad to where, as the saying goes, only to buy things don't choose the right. If you want to find a good place to buy and affordable price of silica gel sets, cell phone sets, case said. Please see below these questions hope to help everyone: < / p> < / p> first of all, material is different. < / p> material quality determines the silicone handle, appearance and flavor. < / p> < p> : feel good feel is smooth, poor handle viscous < / p> appearance: average, good color difference of surface coarse, color shades, and even the impurity was observed. < / p> : silica gel is more or less have peculiar smell. Silica gel with poor taste particularly strong and unpleasant. < / p> second, different mould. Mold design of justice, fine degree, laid the silica gel set of the quality of the finished product, use sex. < / p> other, the thickness of the silica gel, post processing, etc. , can also affect the silica gel set of capital. < / p> generally, silica gel sets the thicker the capital is higher. But it is not as thick as possible, or thin is poor. Like, feel the possible effect of thick/manipulation, thin, more intimate. < / p> post processing, including dustproof, flash trim, etc. < / p> < / p> surface treatment in different ways, its capital are also quite different. As printing, laser, glue, color printing, and so on. Them and making products is the price of capital, efficiency, artificial, failure rate control has a direct relationship. Process more cumbersome, working procedure, the more the more defective rate is the total, the higher the price. < / p> < p> < / p> < / p>
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