Silicone bracelet, silicone gifts, there are blessings of silicone bracelet did you wear?

by:ZheRunTai     2020-03-30
< blockquote风格= '保证金:40 0 0 0 px; 边界:没有; 填充:0 px; '> now wearing silicone bracelet is very popular now, but do you know the meaning of these bracelet color represents? Most of friends know? Let me to share the silicone bracelet represents the meaning of it. The current market popular silicone bracelet is divided into eight kinds of color. ( White, yellow, black + white, blue, pink, red, dark blue/blue and white, blue and green) White: on behalf of against poverty. Yellow: representative to cancer patients, in the hope that cancer patients recover at an early date. Black and white: on behalf of against racial discrimination, in the hope that the human peace. Blue: represent the global names in peace. Pink: on behalf of comfort for breast cancer patients. White: on behalf of comfort heart disease patients. Deep blue/blue and white: on behalf of prayer the tsunami victims. The turquoise: against religious conflict. Want to buy silicone bracelet friend can choose we zhe embellish too silicone products co. , LTD. < p> click on the silica gel hand ring into the details page < / p> < / blockquote> silicagelzrt. com/200/943。 html
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