Silicone products appear in the white bubble what are the reasons?

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-08
Silicone products are widely used in various industries, making the development of the silicone industry grow and thrive, in the life more and more people use the silicone products, visible silicone products are favored by many consumers, we as a silica gel products factory should be silicone products quality, what about the silicone products appear in the white bubble what are the reasons? Zhe answers too for you! < / p> < / p> silicone products have many bad appearance factor! Have common causes the appearance of many tend to customer return or rework, the appearance of the reasons inevitably bring factory loss! On the quality of the silica gel we can from the wear resistance, elasticity, fatigue resistance, tear strength and tensile strength, hardness and and stretching stress to determine these five aspects, such as, isn't it a good product, what in life is the silica gel products for exterior reason let trouble maker boss? < / p> < / p> products appear in the white bubble, and the anatomy of the inside is empty, or the white foam, its main reasons, there are air in silica gel material, release the pressure in the process of high temperature and high pressure curing fast and make the air inside the product expansion or curing time in long or short, mold temperature is too high exhaust times too many aspects, such as the second reason is lack of material, some silicone products factory workers in front of die material uneven, some more some less, lack of material caused by processing the products. In the vulcanization process of curing temperature on the high side, machine pressure too small can also lead to bad product. In the process of machining molding temperature too high acceleration of rubber vulcanization silicone products, silicone products flow performance in the molding will fall and will lead to smaller size of silica gel products, thickness of partial thick and lead to bad. < / p> < / p>
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