Silicone products in the healthcare industry

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-05
< p> the silicone products in the healthcare industry < / p> < p> with silica gel as the main raw material processing system works, are called silicone products. Silica gel is composed of silicate gel dehydration appropriate particle size different porous material. With open porous structure, which can adsorb many substances, is a kind of very good desiccant, adsorbent and catalyst carrier. Silica gel adsorption is mainly physical adsorption, can be recycled and repeatedly used. < / p> < p> the silicone products application in the medical industry? Let's take a look at the silicone products have hessler big in the medical industry? < / p> < p> a, artificial silicone < / p> < p> medical catheter is relatively solid for high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber silicone rubber, for the liquid rubber, has good liquidity, sulfide is fast, more safe environmental protection, can fully meet the requirements of food grade and medical. According to the molecular structure contains functional groups ( The junction) Position, often think of liquid rubber with functional groups are divided into two categories: one is at the ends of the molecular structure of functional group in a type called telechelic liquid rubber; Another kind is the active functional group in random distribution in the main chain, the so-called with functional group in molecular structure, referred to as a type of telechelic liquid rubber. Through curing equipment for silicone rubber is a linear organic siloxane polymers on the production of finished products. Because of its effect on physiological withholding don't happen, will not cause allergic reactions, is considered to be the ideal medical polymer materials, the material can be used as artificial heart, reconstructive surgery. < / p> < p> artificial prosthesis silicone material is characterized by the material for solid silicone rubber particle composite, its composition is solid silicone rubber particles. What is a solid silicone rubber: modifier: the ratio of normal saline or distilled water capacity of 100:10 ~ 1000 - 5000. Diameter of 0. 01 ~ 10毫米。 Best for modifying agent polyvinylpyrrolidone ( pvp) 。 Pvp has excellent solubility, low toxicity, film-forming property, chemical stability, physical inertia, uf, complexing ability do use and protection of plastic, and is widely used in medicine, cosmetics, food, brewing, detergent, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, etc, can be used as a thickener, medicine tablet binder, solubilizer and suspending agent, blood is also used as gas chromatographic stationary liquid. < / p> < p> 2, medical silica gel catheter < / p> < p> medical silica gel catheter has good biocompatibility, ageing resistance, stable performance, etc, after decades of clinical use, proved to be a safe and reliable medical material. Silicone catheters has good tensile properties, the pipe body, especially the thin tube body soft and flexible. These characteristics make silicone rubber catheter in bending deformation happens to go in and out. The main application of catheter catheter, drainage tube, double cavity piezometric tube, etc. < / p> < p> that's some applications of silica gel in the medical field, there are many application areas for development, silicone products has brought many changes in our lives, expect more silicone products research and development, more and more applied to our life. < / p> < p> the silicone products with superior performance, plus the silica gel is a petroleum products, do not rely on increasingly shortage of petroleum resources, make the silicone products has been a substitute for the similar plastic products, is the trend of The Times, the silicone products can be applied to many plastic products at the same time can't accomplish the purpose of the field, such as baby pacifier, with organs, is very wide application prospect. < / p> < p> more exquisite silicone products, such as mobile phone silica gel set in zhe embellish too silicagelzrt. com

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