Silicone rubber mould using different types of release agent

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-22
< p> there are many different kinds of release agent and release agent used in all walks of life are many; Is more frequently in the silicone rubber industry, different silica gel products structure is different, decided the mould is not the same, of course, want to use different release agent. In order to solve different silica gel products < / em> < em> demoulding problem, for everyone to do a simple classification and solution. The first category: die class. Mold, will release agent spraying on the mould, in general, mold requires preheating, so for mold release high temperature has certain requirements. Such stripping solution: DF - 944 - 副秘书长。 In addition, for the rubber type foaming polyurethane products, or hard foam, soft foam and other products, there is a special release agent: DF - 932 the second class, special pipe classes. Modelling is unique, such as car type of hose, pipe are usually soaked in the release agent, and then set on the core of good, after curing operations. Because the modelling is unique, so the mold release demanding, must have a good demoulding performance, and demoulding agent itself does not affect the pipe, also should not remain on the pipe wall. Method: using DF - DF - 919 u 495 - A, can solve the problem. Third, long and straight. Mainly include steel wire armoured long straight pipe, steel wire winding, hydraulic pipe, pipe clamp cloth tube shape, and a series of rules. General is to release agent spraying on the mold core, have asked to release agent, needs to have good demoulding performance, and won't be affected, such as residual wall, not easy to clean. Solution: DF - 505 - 1 DF- 1855, respectively, for hard mold core and soft core design. To sum up, release agent is one part of the rubber products production, seemingly insignificant, but it is very important, is extremely important. Hard to take off or it is not easy to take off brings with it products and production efficiency. So choose quality is stable, the effect is excellent, safe and environmentally friendly products, it is necessary to < / p>
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