Silicone rubber products enterprises gradually become smarter production!

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-25
< p> in addition to the large production of silicone rubber products production enterprises, mostly small and medium such as a variety of industrial and civil production of silicone rubber products. In order to guarantee the advantage in competition, many global companies to take measures to reduce costs, such as adopting intelligent production mode to improve efficiency. Many manufacturers in the global silicone industry production technology has its own intelligence. With the popularity of intelligent manufacturing, other silicone rubber products enterprises will also continue this intelligent production? Open source throttling control cost is a fundamental business survival, for some small and medium-sized silicon rubber products enterprises, vigorously research intelligent manufacturing technology is not easy thing. In order to reduce the production cost, vulcanizing machine energy saving is the most important research direction. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> < / p> < / p> < p> < / p> < p> < / p> due to the geographical climate factors in our country, in addition to hainan have a small amount of silicone rubber tree planting, most areas have not natural planting and production of silicone rubber. According to customs statistics, in 2015, imports from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam composite silicone rubber accounted for 43 of China's imports. 9%, 36. 4%, 9. 4% and 4. 5%, total 94. 2%. We import tariffs of up to 20% natural silicone rubber, the silicone rubber products production enterprise to bring the pressure, silicone rubber has been affected by the enterprise's international competitiveness. The silicone rubber industry the main problem is the price on the market fluctuation is too large, high external dependency, the high import tariffs. At present in our country are faced with the problem, an important part of the solution is to expand the national natural reserve of silicone rubber. Natural silicone rubber is belong to strategic material, the country should improve the reserve mechanism, expand the reserve of natural silicone rubber. The national reserves plastic instability in the market have the effect of consolidation, silicone rubber producers of raw materials to reduce costs, the normal operation of the enterprise to give full play to the role. Second encourages domestic enterprises to use dozens of years' experience in mass production, the use of international advanced production technology and technology, improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption, silicone rubber products at a higher price to enter the international market to participate in the competition. Thailand and other southeast Asian countries is the world's main producing area of natural silicone rubber and learn from China in recent years, take the industrialized road. They have natural raw materials price advantage. Now they are still in the primary stage, the quality of the silicone rubber products and processing ability lag behind in our country, in a few years, they will soon be close to our level, then we silicone rubber products manufacturing enterprises in domestic and international pressure to survive.
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