Teach you to distinguish the quality of the silicone mobile phone sets

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-13
< / p> < p> the phone set has become people's a kind of mobile phone accessories, necessary for mobile phones with sets are beautiful and can protect. In today's market, mobile phone set is divided into four categories: silicone phone case, holster, net shell, crystal shell. < / p> however, silicone mobile phone sets is now the most popular mobile phone sets of everyone, because it is soft, very simple sense. Below small make up began to explain if to distinguish the quality of silicone mobile phone sets: the first point: smell, have pungent peculiar smell of silicone mobile phone sets don't choose. The second point: look, see material pledge is true, is it worth the price. The third point: touch, feel good and soft to touch and to high quality silicone mobile phone sets, inferior feels more hard. The above three points is to the distinction between the silicone mobile phone sets of quality, click silicone mobile phone sets for more information.
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