The iphone 5 with good what kind of shell, plastic following or silica gel following?

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-27
The iphone 5 with good what kind of shell, plastic following or silica gel following? Silicone plastic, decide whether good or bad or to see material pledge, everybody is of great concern to the iphone 5 off paint. First the difference between big and bad, in the same shape, same material, the difference between big and inferior counterfeits are on the process and material selection, general big joke, mould is quite fine, can be said to be fit, but inferior counterfeits are hard to reach such a high precision, there is a protective shell don't break, wear the iphone 5 mobile phone body, affect the signal and other issues. Secondly, from the material also is plastic material also have very big distinction. Brand following with the iphone 5 joint part generally adopted a special process material is relatively soft, won't hurt to the iphone 5, inferior counterfeit goods cannot do this, the third phone the inseparable will come into contact with the facial products, you also don't want you to following from past is waste plastic. 。 。 。 ( The influence is healthy) < p> give you recommend some good silicone shell, can consult, silicone shell recommendation: https://www. silicagelzrt。 com/silicone- 电话- Case < / p> < p> this product can be completely wrapped body, special technology before the screen, can need not sticker, directly through the following mobile phone operation, and is quite thin, basic equivalent streaking. Due to the shell of mobile phone put up membrane XD to temporarily use an item ( Too precision, a film affects the whole above the thickness of the shell of rigor) 。 The condom from joint degrees, feel, is very lovely, no baggy. < / p> < / p> < p> all in all is the time when the back-door don't pursue cheap, so your iphone 5 start, a few hundred dollars shells don't loathe to give up the money, you get what you pay for it. < / p>
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