The Perfect OtterBox Case for You

by:ZheRunTai     2020-06-18
The Otterbox brand started in 1998 with a goal to provide protective solutions to handheld devices. The name 'otter' is from the semiaquatic mammals that are very active and curious. They love to play a lot and explore the things around them. The Otterbox Company compared their line of products to the otter's fur which is waterproof, and offers great protection even in compromising situations. Recently, these cell phone accessories gained popularity because of their reputation to provide unparalleled protection to handheld devices. The Otterbox offers five series of phone cases which were specifically made for your unique lifestyle. Let us take a look at the hottest and talked about cases the Otterbox brand has to offer. The Impact Series This series of phone case is made from a single layer silicone, without any hard component. It also comes with a self-adhesive screen protector to prevent minor scratches. It is custom made with cut outs for volume, power and camera buttons. This case is not capable of protecting your device from dust and water, but with a decent and sleek design, this case is perfect for basic phone protection anytime, anywhere. The Prefix Series This series provide a sleek yet dependable protection to your handheld device. Also made from silicone, this case has an added interior polycarbonate skeleton to deflect bumps and shocks. The case comes with a self-adhesive screen protector to prevent minor scratch. It is capable of providing basic protection to your device without the hassle of having additional bulk to your phone. The Reflex Series This series was specifically made for easy docking access. It is a two-piece slider and made from lightweight, single-layered polycarbonate material. It can easily be put on and taken off for convenient use and portability. It proved to be the most accessible among the five series of the OtterBox brand. The company should improve the latch mechanism of this case though, because it doesn't hold the two halves together securely. The Commuter Series This series deliver a sturdy two-layer protection perfect for people who are always on the go. With its additional port covers, this phone case also provides protection from dusts and debris. Your handheld device will be safe from drops, bumps and shock with its durable impact resistant exterior. It also comes with a self-adhesive screen protector to prevent scratch. The Defender Series This series is the ultimate protection you could possibly get your phone. This three-layer case withstands drops, bumps and shocks. With a built-in screen protector, this case also has port covers to keep dust and debris out of your device. It also has an additional swivel type belt clip to always keep your device close to you. And just when you think that you have all the protection you need, this case is also bullet-proof, what more can you ask for? The Defender series will give every ounce of protection to your phone but with an extra bulk, but it's a small price to pay for that extreme safeguarding.
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