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The Role of the Nightlight


Nightlight is a hot lighting recently, and its appearance also means people's improvement of the quality of life. Nightlight is not only beautiful, but also relieves mental stress. What is the role of the night light?

Nightlight Introduction

In the darkness, nightlights with soft lighting play roles in guiding the lighting. At the same time, it has the function of multi-purpose light. It can be aromatherapy lamp when adding incense essential oil, it can become an environmentally friendly mosquito repellent when adding mosquito repellent oil. Adding vinegar can achieve the effect of disinfecting and purifying the air, for example, newly decorated room can decompose harmful gases.

Nightlight Classification

1. Aromatherapy Nightlight: A ceramic material is more divided staining, non-staining, carving and other series. Ceramic top night light can be added a small dish or ceramic top groove design, oil can bloom, thus achieving the effect of aromatherapy.

2. Pat nightlight: this series are suitable for the bed or computer, using the human body's touch sensor to adjust the switch and brightness.

3. Voice-activated nightlight: this series are suitable for places such as stairs and aisles, using the sound generated by the human body to control the switch. At the same time, nightlight is automatically turned off when it is not used for a period of time.

The Role of the Nightlight

1. Aromatherapy effect: The essential oil is volatilized by the heat of the bulb, which has the effects of removing odor, purifying the air, decomposing second-hand smoke, and relieving mental stress.

2. Lighting effect: The daily use of the electric light is too strong and glare at night when the light is turned on at night. The brightness of this small night light can be adjusted to soft light, and can produce a luminous effect similar to moonlight, creating a warm and warm atmosphere. The lighting environment helps to calm people, sleep peacefully, and can do aisle lights to save electricity.

3. Decorative role: Nightlight modeling diverse, beautiful and practical, lovely image; lampshades can be twisted down as a gift or decorative furnishings.


As a fine and clear product, nightlight has brought many aspects of convenience and visual enjoyment to people's lives. So it is worth recommending to everyone.


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