The silicone case makes you sound not hurt

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-10
< p> the silicone cases by hurting you sound not < / p> < p> move, buy electrical appliances around electric city became a recent weekend activities. Finally locked a set of audio equipment. However, after buying acoustics handling has become a matter of headache and heartache. Because buying acoustics are painted on the surface of the light, at first buy is looked at the sparkling heart feel very is happy. But sound such as moving home, found that the sound on the surface of friction mark really breaks my heart a. Very not easy sound at home, because home have children sometimes inevitably stuttering. So the sound after a couple of times. Now is already scarred. < / p> < p> a few remarks about later just know originally this market there is a call to the silicone sound case. It is the use of 100% environmental protection silicone material, green environmental protection, non-toxic, odorless, harmless, no stimulation to the human body. Due to the soft silicone audio protective material, can effectively prevent knock against. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> not only that, the silicone sound case also has a good waterproof performance and does not affect the sound of the heat dissipation effect. So you don't have to worry about silica gel protective sleeve in use process completely sealed electric heat after the phenomenon of poor performance caused by electrical damageable. < / p> < p> after long time, the cleanness of silica gel protective sleeve is also very convenient. You only need to clean up with water or alcohol, cleaning can be directly on the sun to dry after restore original appearance. < / p> < p> more exquisite silicone products, such as mobile phone silica gel set in zhe embellish too silicagelzrt. com

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