The silicone products is the smell of the above quality problems? How to get rid of?

by:ZheRunTai     2020-04-09
As everybody knows, the pure silica gel raw material is environmental protection non-toxic tasteless, but silicone products after printing, spray hot oil, YM, IMD technology, ray carving, glue, water paste, such as process, the process done, may have different tastes. This appeared to be prominent on the silica gel products. This shows, the production of peculiar smell, most likely after the forming of all kinds of craft. < p> usually, lead to the most easy to produce silicone products and plastic products pungent taste, is that the process of printing and spray hot oil. Screen printing materials may have a sharp taste, silk screen after the completion of the silica gel products will appear. But a screen printing silicone products in the smell is not very common. These also belong to normal phenomenon, down two or three days the condition of natural ventilation, natural eliminate smell. < / p> < / p> < p> and some silicone products factory are opportunistic, using slightly quality silica gel raw materials, or manufacturing process is not perfect, make serious do not conform to the standard of the product turn out. Silicone tableware USES the food grade silicone material, in both raw materials and production process is much higher than ordinary silica gel products, after forming need enough time to remove volatile substances, some manufacturers are in pursuit of efficiency to reduce costs is to ignore the existence of the problem, resulting in production of tableware do not conform to the hygiene standards, usually in the production of such products manufacturer is the relatively small size, the tableware you dare to use? So, tell us, when the choose and buy the silicone products need to be more careful, serious odor of silica gel products are absolutely can't buy, good quality silicone products only a very slight odor, placed a period of time can be automatically eliminated, as well as good quality silicone products also can be very flexible and comfortable to the touch! < / p>
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